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Who are The Last Resort?
The Last Resort are established, industry leading, UK based independent Later Life Planning consultants, with access to over 5000 independent Funeral Directors & Legal Services, nationwide
Why should I take out a Funeral Plan?
A pre paid funeral plan fixes the cost of a funeral at today's prices, and helps minimise the distress caused on the family and loved-ones left behind.
What does my funeral plan include?
The Last Resort funeral plans includes everything that is required for a traditional burial or cremation. You may order or request any number of special additions (frequently at no extra cost). We will ensure that you fully understand exactly what is included within your funeral plan before it is paid for.
Can I choose the funeral director?
Yes of course. The Last Resort works in partnership with a nationwide network of NFFD (National Federation of Funeral Directors) approved independent funeral directors, many of whom offer over 100 years' experience providing top quality funeral services within their local communities.

If the funeral director you wish to use is not an NFFD Member, it makes no difference, you can nominate any established funeral director you care to choose. The Last Resort will allocate your funeral plan to them at the point of death.
Do you provide an 'eco-friendly' funeral plan?
Yes we do. The Last Resort is able to arrange eco-friendly or green funerals at a range of woodland sites across the UK. Due to the bespoke nature of eco-friendly funerals, we request that you contact us to discuss your precise wishes, after which we can provide a firm price.
Can I purchase a funeral plan for someone else?
Yes. Upon application, simply make us aware that this is your intention.
Do I have to take a medical?
No. These funeral plans are available to anyone....regardless of age, current health, or medical history.
Can I get a tailor made funeral plan?
Yes. All our funeral plans can be tailored to suit individual tastes and preferences. All our funeral plans can be altered or added to at any time (additional costs may be applicable depending on the nature and extent of alterations).
What are 3rd Party Fees / Disbursements?
3rd Party Fees, or 'disbursements', refer to costs for services included in your chosen plan* that are paid by the funeral director directly.

These are cremation fees (national average £600), doctor's fees (£157) and celebrant or minister's fees (£180). Our plans cover 3rd Party Fees up to a limit of £1200. ( *The Topaz Plan exclude 3rd Party disbursements. You can however upgrade your Topaz plan at anytime should you wish to have them included.The 'Your Simplest Plan includes 3rd party charges up to £800 for cremation. ​

The disbursement limit will be increased annually in line with RPI.
Are there any cancellation fees?
If you decide to cancel your plan within 21 days, you are entitled to a full, no-quibble, refund. If you choose to cancel your plan after 28 days, a cancellation fee will apply.
Are there any hidden expenses?
No. Everyone of our consultants are trained to ensure you fully understand exactly what your plan covers, before it is paid for.
Do I have to pay all at once?
No. For those who need to budget, we have a choice of options which are available. These include everything from Intrest free options, to low interest bearing options, all depending on your situation and circumstances.
I have Life Insurance already - why do I nedd a funeral plan?
A common question is, "Why are funeral plans necessary if I already have life insurance?

The answer is simple: Life insurance pays out after you've passed away, directly into your estate, not to the funeral director. This means that if you have no will in place and you die intestate, it can take anywhere from 3 - 9 months before probate can determine who the estate passes to.

In the meantime, the funeral director will need to be paid, and invariably these costs end up having to be paid by the surviving relatives, in the hope that the estate will pay them back once settled.

In addition to this, the sum assured from the insurance company may not be sufficient to cover the total funeral expense, since these policies are not RPI linked. It is also possible that the policy may be subject to tax, reducing the effectivness of the sum assured in meeting the overall funeral costs.
Alternatively, by having a funeral plan in place, the plan will by-pass probate and be paid direct to the funeral director immediately. In addition the cost you pay now for the plan is linked to the ineviatable price rises which will take place over time, and is guaranteed to cover the cost of your funeral whenever you pass away so your family do not have any additional expense.

Your funeral plan can also express your wishes and personal choices in a way that life insurance cannot.
Can I change my funeral plan after I've taken it out?
Yes. If you find over time that you require a second limousine for example, but your plan only includes One, simply phone us and we can add it to your plan. (Please note that there may be a cost implication).
What happens if I pass away before I've paid off my plan?
The remaining balance would normally be paid from your estate should you pass away before your plan is paid off, however some of our plans are covered for such an eventuality. Our consultants will advise you on this.
What happens if the plan holder dies abroad or away from home?
If the plan holder dies abroad then repatriation is the responsibility of their next of kin; the cost of repatriation is usually covered by travel insurance, however, if the plan holder dies away from home in the UK, the allocated funeral director will arrange for the collection of the deceased from any location on the UK Mainland (Excludes Northern Ireland - Channel Islands - Scottish Islands) to home or chapel of rest, at no extra cost. This sevice is included in all plans.

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